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A high value, no-debt business education

Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship is here to propel the next generation of business leaders forward—while ensuring you’re not held back by debt. Through hands-on mentorship, connections with real businesses, and a hyper-focused curriculum, students are set up for business success in just 24 months.

Championing Opportunity for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Tom Golisano
Few people can appreciate the power of business the way Tom Golisano can. After all, he started Paychex with little more than a $3,000 investment, a credit card, and some serious ambition.
Tom believes business opportunities should be accessible to anyone who has the passion to pursue them. That’s why he created Golisano Institute to empower individuals to write their own entrepreneurial success stories without having to take on enormous debt.
By endowing this institution, Tom has made it possible for students to receive a high-quality business certificate for just $8,900 a year.

Our Mission

Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship empowers individuals to become entrepreneurially- minded owners of their personal success, sought-after contributors to their employer, and drivers of regional economic growth.

Our Vision

To be the national leader in alternative post-secondary business education. Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship will be widely known for its ability to spur growth in human talent, new businesses, and improved communities.

Values that Guide Us


We are bold, forward-thinkers with the vision to produce a better way.


We gladly embrace the responsibility of providing a nurturing environment and give attention to every member of our community.


We motivate individuals to chase their goals and affect change in the workplace and society at large.


We hold moral certitude high and always seek to achieve the best outcome for everyone.


We infuse the mindset, determination, and confidence to overcome short-term obstacles and gain confidence for long-term growth.

Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit provider of alternative post-secondary credentials located in Rochester, New York.

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“The opportunity is out there. You just have to find it.

Tom Golisano, Founder

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