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Golisano for Business & Entrepreneurship delivers a higher-quality, no-debt, accelerated business education that sets you up for economic success—all in just 24 months.
Land a High-Quality Job  •  Start a Business  •  Lower Total Costs for Bachelor's Degree

Business education
as it should be.

More opportunity. Not more debt.

$8,900/year tuition

More focused to prepare you faster

2 years of applied learning

More connections and support

One powerful network built around you

Tom Golisano

I am personally investing in every student who walks through these doors to make a great business education more accessible.

Tom Golisano, Founder
Real-World Preparation

Earn a Professional Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship

Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship is the only learning option of its kind in the United States. We have evolved the education process, so it is truly employer connected, affordable, and open to everyone, regardless of background.

Anything but
business as usual.

Rochester Campus

Classes run 8:45 am – 1:00 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

32 Courses
in Just 2 Years

Four quads a year:
11 weeks on, two weeks off

Skill-Based Learning

Hyper-focused on
in-demand business skills

Caring, Supportive Faculty

Full-time staff on campus
8:00 am – 4:30 pm every day

“Speaking From Experience”

Weekly Wednesday experiential symposiums
from business leaders

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Learning Path Outcomes

Learning Path Outcomes


Employment or Career Advancement

Whether through our employer partners or otherwise, we’ll assist you in moving on to the next phase of your business career.

Building a Business

Ready to start a business or grow your current one? We’ll be there to help set you up for success.

Continuing a Bachelor’s Degree

For those who want to complete their bachelor’s degree, we’ll help you continue on to one of our partner colleges.

Employer Partners

By partnering with prominent businesses, Golisano Institute gives students direct access to real-world opportunities, mentorships, and networking.
Dr. Ian Mortimer

You can teach business.
You can’t teach passion.

Ian Mortimer, President

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