Dylan Burrows

Dylan Burrows

Business Math Faculty

Dylan Burrows is a dedicated mathematics educator and skilled data analyst with expertise in SQL, educational leadership, and statistical analysis. Previously, Dylan worked as an Instructional Coach and Mathematics Teacher in Nashville, TN, where he focused on educational technology and leadership. He is excited to contribute to an affordable, alternative post-secondary option for Rochester students and firmly believes in the “potential of each student to solve problems and think critically when equipped with the right tools.” Of the Golisano Institute values, Dylan connects with “Integrity” the most, as he believes it is the foundation of personal and professional character. He holds a master’s degree in education and instructional practice from Lipscomb University and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from the University at Buffalo. 



What do you hope for the students you will be working with? 

As part of the faculty, I aspire for students to leave the program with the confidence and ability to make data-driven decisions in business. Upon completing the program, I hope students can express and showcase how their journey at Golisano Institute better prepared them to succeed in their respected professions.  

Three fun facts about yourself

  1. My first job was painting houses in the Rochester area.
  2. While living in Tennessee, I was bitten by a venomous spider.
  3. I attended the 2009 World Series at Yankee Stadium.