Graham Anthony

Graham Anthony

Director of Educational Technology

An expert in cutting-edge educational technology, Graham has built his profession around prioritizing learner-centered requirements when it comes to school technology. He knows how to put together an effective educational technology system and prepare teachers to put it to great use in the classroom. Most recently, Graham was Manager of Instructional Technology and Media Services at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), helping guide the selection of technology for students and faculty, from learning management systems to video conferencing platforms. He’s also served as a top-rated lecturer at RIT’s School of Media Sciences. Prior to RIT, Graham’s professional adventures are as varied as teaching in Shanghai, China, helping a manufacturer relocate to Rochester from Tennessee, and contracting with digital currency firm Foundry. He lives in Fairport, N.Y.


Two of Golisano Institute’s values are caring and empowering. What do those mean to you?
Caring and empowering represent action taken on another’s behalf. Those values make others feel welcome by inviting them to be part of the journey.

What excites you most about Golisano Institute?
It’s not every day you get to build something from the ground up. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of a few startups and the excitement and activity that surrounds any entrepreneurial venture is very special. It’s very exciting to work at a startup dedicated to helping others grow through education.

Three fun facts

  1. I used to drive the Zamboni
  2. I play guitar and have a basement full of different instruments
  3. I’ve worked in several different countries