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August 22, 2023

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Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship offers a transformative Career-Embedded Curriculum that prepares students for remarkable careers. Our curriculum focuses on developing essential skills and abilities necessary to excel in the modern business world. With an unwavering emphasis on these key skills, Golisano Institute ensures that students are fully equipped for success in today’s dynamic and competitive professional landscape.


Career & Self Development

At Golisano Institute, our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to serve as a catalyst for both personal and professional growth among our students. We believe in empowering them to take charge of their potential by fostering self-awareness, nurturing their careers through continuous learning, and providing valuable networking opportunities. As students embark on their academic journey with us, they are guided through a path that aids in the development of a strategic action-plan for their future steps after completing the program.



Effective communication is vital to professional success. Golisano Institute equips students with the skills to exchange information, ideas, and perspectives with clarity and impact. With an emphasis on Interpersonal Communication, students will work on writing, presentation, and other communication skills to define their own personal professional vision. Through strong communication skills, students engage meaningfully within and beyond their organizations, establishing connections that drive their careers forward.


Critical Thinking

At our core, we prioritize the cultivation of critical thinking as a crucial skill. Our mission is to empower students, equipping them with the ability to identify and address situational needs through thoughtful analysis and informed decision-making. Through various opportunities, such as team-based applied projects, students get to apply these critical thinking skills in real-world scenarios, devising practical solutions for local, regional, or national organizations. These invaluable experiences not only prepare them for the complexities of the professional world but also foster adaptability for a successful future.


Equity & Inclusion

Golisano Institute recognizes the importance of fostering an inclusive and equitable society. The curriculum cultivates students’ awareness, knowledge, and skills to engage and include people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We believe in the power of inclusivity and strive to equip our students with the tools and understanding to create a diverse and inclusive society.



Our curriculum is designed to cultivate and foster leadership qualities among students. By acknowledging and harnessing their individual and collective strengths, students not only inspire others but also spearhead positive transformations within their professional spheres. By placing a strong focus on leadership, we ignite the spark for personal and career growth, inspiring students to achieve their utmost potential.



Professionalism is deeply ingrained in our curriculum. We instill effective work habits aligned with the larger community and workplace, ensuring students embody professionalism and ethical standards essential for success in diverse professional settings.



Students cultivate collaborative relationships, embrace diverse perspectives, share responsibilities, and harness the strengths of their team members. Through engaging in group projects, we foster a cohesive and productive team environment that propels collective achievements. By prioritizing collaboration, we empower students to thrive and achieve shared goals in an increasingly interconnected world.



In the digital age, possessing technological literacy is essential. We empower students to comprehend and ethically harness technology, thereby improving efficiency, accomplishing tasks, and attaining objectives. Our curriculum offers courses such as Business Technology, which enable students to recognize the pivotal role of technology in business operations.


Golisano Institute’s Career-Embedded Curriculum offers a transformative educational experience that equips students with the skills and abilities necessary for exceptional career journeys. Through real-world experiences, collaborative projects, and inclusive practices, our curriculum nurtures essential skills that prepare students to thrive in the professional world. Discover a cutting-edge curriculum, exceptional faculty, and a supportive network at Golisano Institute, where your ambitions are fueled, your character shaped, and your professional journey positioned at the forefront.

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