Why the Entrepreneurial Mindset is Our Foundation

May 9, 2023

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By Dr. Scott H. Baker

At Golisano Institute, we believe that cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every graduate, regardless of their career path. An entrepreneurial mindset enables people in all walks of life to approach challenges with creativity and resourcefulness, take initiative and ownership of their work, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

As the Chief Academic Officer & VP for Academic Affairs, I have spearheaded the development of our curriculum, and I am excited to share my thoughts on how and why we are constructing an entrepreneurial mindset as the cornerstone for our program.


Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset From Day One

We understand the importance of starting early, which is why our Entrepreneurial Mindset of Business course is offered during the very first semester. By taking this course in the beginning of the program, students can immediately begin developing agency for themselves as students and professionals. This will shape not just the rest of their academic journey, but future career as well.


Continued Opportunities to Dive Deep

We know that developing an entrepreneurial mindset takes time, consistency, and practice. In light of this, we’ve chosen to follow the first course with two more entrepreneurship courses—each providing a different and deeper perspective into the world of business and innovation. By demonstrating various ways that an entrepreneurial mindset can be activated in the marketplace, we are laying a strong foundation on which students can build throughout the future lessons of the program.


Immediate Application: Building a Business

For entrepreneurial students who wish to begin building and even launch their own business, the experiential lab and capstone project at the end of the program is an opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Throughout the whole program, students with a business (or business idea) will be able to actively apply their courses to the development of their entrepreneurial endeavor. Whether it’s a marketing strategy or accounting plan, our goal is for these courses to be actively applied as often as possible.


Developing Self-Awareness

Though entrepreneurship can be a fulfilling career path, we know that it’s not for everyone. By learning about the mindset and practice of entrepreneurship early, we want our students to be able to discern if this path of building something from nothing would be fulfilling. For many, the concept of intrapreneurship (the process of building innovation within an existing organization) is a strong alternative.

The team here at Golisano Institute (myself included) is dedicated to helping our students unlock their potential and achieve their goals. Whatever their interest in entrepreneurship (or intrapreneurship) may look like, developing an entrepreneurial mindset early on will provide the tools they need to select meaningful projects, pursue their passions, and create a future they can stand on.

There is still time to apply for our inaugural class beginning in September 2023. Apply now to begin developing your own entrepreneurial mindset today.

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