Christina Moraza

Christina Moraza


Holding a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from SUNY Brockport and a Master of Science in Management from Nazareth College, Christina brings over 15 years of accounting experience to her role at Golisano Institute. Over the last decade, she has worked across the Manufacturing, Banking, and Country Club industries, specializing in fixed assets and depreciation, account reconciliation, payroll, and benefits. Christina’s professional approach involves immersing herself in learning a business from the ground up, allowing her to perform her job more efficiently and identify new improvement opportunities. She is inspired by Golisano Institute’s mission to enrich the community and empower individuals with firsthand knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs or business professionals.


Which Golisano Institute value is most important to you and why?
I most connect with the value of Integrity. Living a life marked by integrity has allowed me to earn the trust of others, who then recognize me as reliable, of good character, and competent.

Three fun facts

  1. I love to travel to the Caribbean islands.
  2. Popcorn is my happy place and my absolute favorite snack.
  3. I design custom images to be put on tees using vinyl, rhinestones, or a blend of both.