Dr. Marvin Deitz

Dr. Marvin Deitz

Lead Sales Faculty

Dr. Marvin Deitz is a Customer Centricity expert who brings decades of sales and marketing experience to his role as Lead Sales Faculty. Marvin joined Golisano Institute to make an impact on students, believing in the power of education to transform lives and catalyze real change. Passionate about all things sales, Marvin views selling as a universal skill crucial in personal and professional life. He aims to create a hands-on, fun environment in the classroom and help students blossom into confident presenters and salespeople. In addition to his role as an educator, Dr. Deitz successfully owned and operated a digital marketing company affiliated with the Customer Happiness Institute, and is the Managing Partner of 2DAYSMOOD, a pioneering employee and customer mood technology firm based in the Netherlands, where he skillfully blends customer-centric methodologies with extensive marketing wisdom. Beyond imparting curriculum and sharing his entrepreneurial know-how, he aims to shape compassionate, driven individuals poised to make a positive difference in the world.


Why do you love teaching business education?

I’m passionate about sales and teaching it! Sales is a highly valued skill we use daily, from persuading our kids to make their beds to sealing business deals. Understanding people and influencing without authority is crucial in personal and professional life. Despite any doubts people my have, I believe everyone has the potential to excel in sales.

Three fun facts

  1. I once played pick-up basketball with Al Pacino, Kobe Bryant, and a former Boxing Heavyweight Champion.
  2. I underwent training to become a Chef.
  3. I previously worked as a Magician, entertaining at children’s birthday parties.