Erika Hess

Erika Hess

Coordinator of Accessibility & Learning Support

Erika joined Golisano Institute because she believes the school is filling a critical void. “The education here intersects with personal development, career preparation, and essential business skills in a supportive and empowering atmosphere,” she says. Her role here involves assisting students with learning strategies and support. She loves having a chance to form genuine connections with students and being able to serve as a mentor. The core values here, Erika points to courage as one that stands out for her. “Having courage is taking a chance. To me, courage is at the heart of authentic learning,” she says. Outside of work, Erika enjoys reading textbooks and learning more about topics “that challenge my brain’s bandwidth.” She also enjoys being outdoors, from walking her dog to doing yard work.


What is your favorite place/favorite thing to do in Rochester?  

Strong National Museum of Play (also a former employee).

Who was your favorite teacher and why? 

Mrs. Buske, my third-grade teacher, because she was incredibly kind and passionate about teaching.

What are you most proud of accomplishing professionally? 

I’m most proud to see students have breakthrough, “Aha!” moments with subjects or tasks that they are not as comfortable with.

What inspires you? 

Being around other people who are driven, hardworking, and naturally curious.

Three fun facts

  1. I’m actively learning home renovation skills.
  2. I have an appreciation for automotive design and enjoy going to auto shows.
  3. I’ve become a huge fan of the fall season (excessive decorating, a little pumpkin spice in everything…). Maybe someday winter will start to grow on me.