Stephanie Ryan

Stephanie Ryan

Associate Director of Internships

Stephanie is a skilled career development leader passionate about designing inclusive learning experiences. Before joining Golisano Institute, she managed learning and development within the corporate sector and spearheaded career development strategies and internship programs at Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Maryland, College Park. Of the values at Golisano Institute, ’empower’ stands out to Stephanie the most. She finds joy in catalyzing students’ journeys, helping them uncover their skills and pursue their goals. Committed to Golisano Institute’s mission, Stephanie is excited to empower students, providing an alternative path to credentialing and emphasizing access to quality, low-cost business education. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys exploring the region’s parks and trails, running, biking, snowshoeing, and hiking. 



What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?  

One valuable piece of career advice I’ve embraced is the concept of “fake it ’til you make it.” It encourages stepping out of your comfort zone, building confidence, and taking on challenges, even when uncertain. This mindset has catalyzed my professional development, allowing me to tackle new challenges with resilience and learn along the way.  

Three fun facts:

  1. I was a Division I student-athlete.
  2. My first job was teaching environmental education at an outdoor school in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.
  3. I follow more dogs than people on social media. My favorite is @TheDogist!