5 Tips to Stand Out in the Workplace

April 18, 2023

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Standing out in the workplace is a great way to make your mark in business, advance your career, and achieve professional success.

As the champions of opportunity, we believe that, with the proper education and resources, anyone can make a lasting impression. Here are five tips to help you stand out in the workplace:


Be Proactive With Your Work

Anticipating problems and planning solutions in advance. Taking initiative to identify and improve processes. Planning ahead. Addressing issues before they arise. These are all traits of a proactive employee. By being proactive, you show dedication to your work, ambition, and a desire to elevate yourself and your business.


Come to Meetings with Ideas and Insights Ready – and Speak Up

Meetings offer a prime platform to showcase your unique ideas and perspectives. To maximize impact, be sure to organize your thoughts and talking points ahead of time. That way you can confidently articulate your insights and emphasize the relevance of your contributions. At the same time, don’t underestimate the power of active listening and sharing thoughtful responses to other ideas—they can build credibility and demonstrate your willingness to collaborate. Ultimately, remember: your input is crucial, and your confidence is key to making a lasting impression.


Volunteer to Take on New Projects or Help with Extra Work When You Can

Distinguishing yourself in the workplace sometimes means going above and beyond. By lending a helping hand or assisting your colleagues, you enhance your own professional development while also contributing to the team’s success. Taking on new projects or offering support is a powerful way to demonstrate teamwork and your willingness to exceed the status quo. With each new challenge you embrace, you’ll gain valuable insights and develop new skills that will set you apart in the workplace.


Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Being a motivated self-starter is the foundation for success. Taking initiative and developing an entrepreneurial mindset are key factors in distinguishing yourself in the workplace. Here at Golisano Institute, we can help you sharpen your skills and hone this mindset with our 32 business courses, experiential learning, direct access to professional opportunities through our business partners, and expansion of your professional network.


Be Consistent and Dependable

To truly make an impact in the workplace, being consistent, delivering quality work and being reliable,  builds trust with your colleagues and leadership. Achieving consistency requires a strong sense of time management, goal setting, and a drive to continually improve your work ethic and focus. By embodying these qualities, you can distinguish yourself as a consistent and dependable member of the team.


Incorporating these tips into your work routine demonstrates your dedication to personal and professional development and sets the stage for a successful career. Our goal at Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship is to provide you with the tools to become a champion of opportunity.


Our students leave our program with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By providing students with direct access to real-world opportunities, mentorships, and networking, we want to give you a leg up in your workplace. To learn more about how our program  does this, view our Academics page to learn more about our curriculum and detailed course offerings.

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