A Day in the Life of a Golisano Institute Student

April 22, 2024

Student John Costello smiles with his arms folded.

Hi everyone! My name is John Costello, I’m a part of the inaugural cohort here at Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship, and I welcome you to a day in my life as a business student. To be specific, this is going to reflect my typical Tuesday as I really enjoy the courses assigned to Tuesdays this quarter! Tuesdays provide a day full of fun engagement and wellness activities and help set the tone for the remainder of the week. Maintaining a healthy balance of life, work, and fun is very important to me as you will see unfolded throughout this post!

Early Bird Gets the Worm:

6 AM: After waking up, showering, and getting dressed I get out my laptop to answer any possible overnight emails and skim the latest news. After pouring myself some coffee, I pack my bag and prepare for my campus commute.

7:30 AM: Self-development plays a critical role in my life. In addition to my schooling, I try to keep an open ear to any nuanced self-improvement advice. With a forty-five-minute drive ahead of me, I try to utilize the time by listening to wellness podcasts or a good audiobook. This helps stimulate my brain and sets the tone for the day.

Class & Lunch:

8:45 AM: Once I arrive at the Institute, I get ready for my first class, Sales 1 headed by Dr. Marvin Dietz. He has brought in some great speakers to share business gems including a taekwondo master, so I’m always really excited for class. After reflecting on sales tactics, we break up into groups for presentations. Roleplaying an interaction of a salesperson/customer at Verizon, my group was voted tied for best performance – success!

10:45 AM: Wellness is a pillar here on campus, so every Tuesday/Thursday I join my peers for mediation and open discussion. It’s a great way for us to share our thoughts and ideas with our wonderful Wellbeing Coordinator Tanya DeNee. Listening to a guided meditation with my classmates offers a great way to refocus on the present and self-awareness. Lots of us use this as a mini stress reliever before we get ready for our second class of the day.

11:15 AM: We roll up our yoga mats and head to Accounting where we master debits and credits. Not only do we have a skilled CPA to share her industry with us, but we also get signed up for QuickBooks through this program!

Afternoon Work:

Open books and laptop on a table.

1:00 PM: After Accounting, I grab a quick snack from Village Bakery before heading upstairs to work with the Marketing team. As a student Marketing and Social Media Assistant, I am very appreciative of the opportunity to gain real-world experience while getting my education. Learning insights about current campaigns and contributing ideas toward new projects is an invaluable experience as I hope to continue in marketing upon graduation.

3:00 PM: After working on social media content for the Institute I report at a local creative branding consultant SRG Management Firm for my internship. As a branding intern, I am learning dynamic, culturally infused approaches to provide clients with customized services to resonate with diverse audiences.

Dinner & Evening Homework:

6:00 PM: Another forty-five-minute drive lands me back home and it’s time to get dinner ready. After chowing down on a salad, eggplant parm, and a protein shake I begin working on homework. Generally, I spend close to an hour and a half a night reading and completing assignments, but with mid-quarter assessments coming up I’m adding an extra hour of study time. Jotting down and submitting my notes from two chapters of reading has me needing another cup of coffee. Feeling the caffeine spark I begin to write a two-page paper before taking a TV break.

10:30 PM: By this time my day is nearly over. Having finished my homework, I unwind by reading and listening to some jazz music. I work up a mock schedule for the rest of the week before saying my thanks for the day.

Thanks for following along for a day in my life as a student at Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship. You’re invited to get a feel for campus in-person during an info session or by registering for an upcoming Open House!

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