Nakia Vargas

Nakia Vargas

Career Educator,

With deep experience across a range of financial services like credit counseling, small business consulting, and financial coaching, she sees financial literacy as a critical skill for any aspiring businessperson. Born and raised in Rochester, Nakia has been practicing accounting since 2008. She founded Vargas Financial Services in 2016 to serve individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits throughout Rochester. Through her various professional pursuits, Nakia has offered financial education in the form of seminars, workshops, consultations, and educational series. In 2021, she founded the Young CEO Program, a course in personal finance, business, and entrepreneurship designed for youth ages 15-18. Nakia and her husband have three children. One of the values at the core of Golisano Institute is perseverance, and it rings true for Nakia in her work. “Life throws you many curve balls. Being able to take the good with the bad and move forward is what counts,” she says.


Why did you decide to join Golisano Institute?
I believe the Institute will be the change agent that higher education needs. The nontraditional approach will prove beneficial to students looking for a straightforward, empowering, rich education.

What do you hope for the students you will be working with?
I hope that the students will be positively affected by the dedication I have for them to succeed. I also hope to build relationships that foster consistent communication, comfort, and trust.

Three fun facts

  1. I was born April 15th, so I tell people I was destined to be an accountant.
  2. I love singing even though I’m not good at it.
  3. Christmas is my favorite holiday!