How to Be an Effective Interviewer

June 13, 2023

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By the time you reach college, chances are you have experienced being interviewed for a job at least once in your life. However, have you ever been on the other side of the table as an interviewer? Being an effective interviewer is a valuable skill, especially if you need to build a motivated team for your new business after completing our program. This blog will share valuable insights and tips to help you be effective in conducting a professional interview.


Creating a Comfortable Environment

As an interviewer, it’s crucial to establish a comfortable and welcoming environment for the candidate. This helps them relax and present their true selves during the interview. Start by greeting them warmly, engaging in small talk to break the ice, and put them at ease. Creating a positive atmosphere encourages open communication and fosters a more productive interview experience.


Practice Active Listening

Active listening is a fundamental skill for any successful interviewer. Give the candidate your full attention, maintain eye contact, and demonstrate a genuine interest in their responses. Listening actively allows you to pick up on clues about the candidate’s qualifications, experiences, and values. Moreover, it helps you identify valuable insights and areas where they can contribute to your business.


Asking Open-Ended Questions and Digging Deeper

To better understand the candidate’s abilities and fit for the role, ask open-ended questions that encourage them to provide detailed responses. These questions allow candidates to showcase their experiences, problem-solving skills, and thought processes.


Providing Feedback

After the interview, providing constructive feedback to the candidates, regardless of the outcome, can be helpful in several ways . This feedback helps them understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Be specific in your feedback, highlighting what impressed you and offering suggestions for their professional growth. Constructive feedback, regardless of the hiring decision, provides value and leaves a positive impression.


At Golisano Institute, our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself by offering actionable advice and experiential learning opportunities. By completing our hyper-focused 2-year program, you will acquire the essential knowledge and skills to navigate every aspect of your entrepreneurial journey, including the interview process. We foster the path of building your own business. Our comprehensive curriculum and practical experiences are designed to equip you with the confidence to successfully launch, conduct interviews, and make strategic hires for your venture.



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